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Nowadays, VoIP is becoming increasingly common providers and is being largely used in various industries. In today’s competitive world, quality VoIP service can pave the way to success for any business, help make new business clients and effectively reach out to the target audiences.

LDT Technology has a large scale of available services and products to offer.


LDT Technology is the unique distributer of Fortabill, a complex system specially designed to optimize the work on MVTS II billing systems of medium and small sized telecommunication companies.

With Fortabill, using MVTS II becomes more comfortable, secure and fast. Its intuitive user interface lets you quickly get involved in the VoIP routine. Thanks to automatizing most of the manual work, using Fortabill system requires minimum human resources and significantly reduces the risk of the human error during day to day operations.

For more information on Fortabill, click here.


LDT Technology is directly connected with numerous local service providers and large international telecom carriers. This makes possible to provide high quality communication services to the end users and Enterprise customers. Clients are free to choose between our wholesale and premium VoIP services.

We offer flawless communication services at highly competitive rates and additional wholesale VoIP services, such as A-Z Termination and Direct Routes. Our Premium VoIP service subscribers receive connection directly from vendors, which ensures better quality and reliable connection. In addition to the VoIP services mentioned above, CLI pass through is offered to Premium subscribers.

Our technical support team offers 8×6 support to turn your communication into a unique lucrative experience.


Retail VoIP services are great way to reduce your international phone bills. You can also take them on Wholesale basis to provide international calling services and get great profitable returns.

Our corporate VoIP services are designed for organizations that frequently make international calls as a way to have a reliable and stable connection with better prices.

LDT Technology delivers a full set of unified communications services, including telephony, Centrex class 5 features, DID, secure instant messaging, WebRTC etc.

We are committed to provide a profitable edge to your business communication process.

Therefore, not only are our VoIP solutions specially designed to make your communication cheap yet effective, but also are equipped with technical expertise for spontaneous customer service, handling individual communication related issues with maximum care.


Broadband Telephony is designed for residential and small business customers. With Broadband Telephony you can personalize your communication experience and save on all long-distance and international calls.

People get the traditional public switched telephone network (PSTN) phone experience quality they are familiar with, yet by routing the call over the internet, are able to enjoy international calling at incredibly low rates. Besides being cost friendly, broadband telephony offers other benefits, such as high level of security, ability to have a DID, possibility to make not only voice, but also video calls, etc.

The provision of the Broadband Telephony service requires an existing connection to high-speed Internet connection (office LAN, DSL or Cable) and a SIP phone/softphone. Generally we follow the “bring your own device” philosophy. If your current PBX support VoIP, we can help to integrate it with our Voice gateways and help you save on each long distant call or SMS.

Current voice per minute rates can be found here


An IP PBX (private branch exchange) is a telephone switching system within an enterprise that switches calls between VoIP users on local lines while allowing all users to share a certain number of external phone lines. IP PBX allows offices to easily communicate with branch offices all over the world regardless of their size and number of employees.

LDT Technology offers two types of IP PBX services: on premises and in cloud. Renting gives you an affordable, cloud-hosted phone system, and allows expanding capacity without costly equipment upgrades. Installation, on the other hand, involves buying hardware and maintenance costs; however, has a lower monthly cost after expenses are covered.

There are differences between the two options, both have their benefits and limitations, but nevertheless, both give you the opportunity to take advantage of tremendous savings on your long distance calls.


LDT Technology provides SMS service through API and SMPP for both business and social purposes.

Bulk SMS solution enables organizations to send timely, targeted promotional and informational messages to their target audience at low cost from single point of management. It is a top way to help businesses advertise promotions, maintain contact with their customers, and ultimately increase sales. Clients are provided with personal portal with possibility to manage account anytime and anywhere.

SMS service can also be used through mobile application YunGO.


The virtual private server /VPS/ is an affordable and convenient alternative for small businesses to avoid expenses of a dedicated server. VPS also comes in handy to companies using Softswitch, enabling them to use additional services, i.e. host a website on the server.

It’s the ultimate solution for the newly launched companies. There are many advantages to hosting a site on a VPS: it is less expensive than a full dedicated hosting plan that uses a physical server.


DID service allows you to share an area code with your partners, friends or family and be reached anywhere like in your home country. With LDT Technology’ easily set up DID service you can keep your current phone number or choose a new one, including international numbers.

Thanks to DID, our customers can rapidly extend the reach of their telephone network and have no capex on network expansion costs.

Use cases and more information here.


Softswitch and billing platform offered by LDT Technology is a reliable, cost-effective solution for telecom service provider. Hosted Softswitch service is designed to support the fast start of new companies by helping them cut additional expenses related to high costs of infrastructure and its maintenance.

Features of Service:

Adaptive call routing allows dynamical measuring of vendor’s performance parameters and adjusting call routing to control the quality of services. With its instant advanced statistics including hourly, daily, weekly ASR, ALOC, Cost, Gross Margin, Revenue and many more features, providers can run their wholesale VoIP business in the most efficient and profitable manner.

Now you can deliver your services to your end users, without owning or operating your own softswitch. LDT Technology will host your softswitch infrastructure, as well as provide support.

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